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Santorini Proposal Cost

Santorini Proposal Cost

How Much does a Santorini Proposal Cost? That’s a question that will change depending on your requirements. A Santorini Proposal can cost from 300 euros up to 10,000 euros. Usually, The private dinner proposal package is the first choice of our couples, Below We discuss all about it! In Addition, The Private Yacht Engagement Package is the second most popular proposal package and most of the time much more affordable than the private dinner!

Engagement Package Comparisons

santorini-proposal-pricesThe Main Differences between the Private Dinner, Luxury Yacht and the Adventurous Package are –
  1.  Much more affordable.
  2. We Visit Different Places.
  3. You Propose at any point of the photoshoot
  4. Duration – 3 Hours
  5. Total Cost as stated at the link, Add-ons are possible.
  1. Usually the most expensive package.
  2. We stay at the venue throughout the event
  3. You propose as soon as we arrive at the decorated venue.
  4. Total Cost as stated at the link – Venue & Meals are extra, Find out why!
  5. Duration – 2 hours

Luxury Private Yacht Package

  1. All Inclusive – More Affordable than the Private Dinner.
  2. Total Cost as stated at the link, Add-ons are possible.
  3. You can propose during Sunset!
  4. Duration – 5 hours.


Santorini Proposal Ideas

Santorini Proposal Ideas

When it comes to Santorini Proposal Ideas, the sky is the limit! Below are a few ideas to help you get inspired and ultimately with our help create the best Santorini Proposal Idea! This way, Together we’ll come up with a plan to impress your significant other and make your Santorini Proposal Memorable for both of you.

Aion Venue Sunset Proposal


The All Inclusive Proposal Package offers a 5 hour all inclusive fun day in Santorini with your proposal in between! Aion Santorini Proposal Spot is included in the price and ideal for what the package’s scenario is.

Luxury Private Yacht Cruise.


Luxury Private Cruises are also all inclusive and for 5 hours! It’s a great idea to book a package such as the Santorini Yacht Package from fun perspective and budget! The private dinner proposals a lot of times exceed the cost of 2,000 euros and they last for two hours. In Contrast, The Private Yacht Package is for 5 hours and includes everything!

Casual Photoshoot to surprise engagement!


Among all of those great Santorini proposal ideas, The Island views Proposal photoshoot package is the most loved one by our couples! We can easily disguise the proposal with a casual photoshoot at first which we can say you’ve won!

Decorate your Villa


Very often we are hired to decorate their room/villa and set up camera as the couple out for a few hours and when they come back one surprises the other with Champagne, Candles, Flowers, Fireworks and much much more you can get inspired from here!

Fireworks, Fireworks & More Fireworks!


Fireworks and flowers are the most popular services for your Santorini proposal day. Large Santorini Fireworks that explode in the sky are allowed in a few places, But the Fountain Fireworks are allowed mostly everywhere!

Where to Propose in Santorini?

The island of Santorini naturally offers a romantic atmosphere that allows for every place to be an ideal proposal location!

Which side does the sun set?

The sun sets on the side of the cliffs (Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani, Fira, Megalochori and Akrotiri) The only beach on that side suitable and accessible for a wedding proposal is in Akrotiri. All other places are on top of the cliffs or by Fira Old Port & Ammoudi Port.

Venue Rental Costs & Solution!

Most wedding venues cost 700+ euros for two hours private rental, They offer staff, equipment and other services that you might not need. So instead we suggest that our couples rent a nice Villa / Suite on the cliffs at the same or even lower price. This way, We can set up your special day at your villa and you’ll have it for the whole 24 hours instead of 2!

Find out more about Santorini Proposal Costs here and contact us at!


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