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The Perfect Santorini Proposal Spots.

Santorini Wedding Venue Aion is a premium location and the perfect one among other Santorini Proposal Spots. This proposal spot is located in Fira right by the water with magnificent views of the sunset and volcano. It is affordable compared to other proposal spots in Santorini and offers very competitive packages. The Aion Santorini Wedding Venue is the newest of all and that’s why it’s show cased below.

The Top Santorini Proposal Spots. Handpicked just for you.

Our selection of Santorini Proposal Spots offer magnificent views and traditional feeling of Santorini. Top-notch service and incredible deals along with our proposal packages.

Aion Santorini Proposal Spots


Santorini Proposals Spots are in a big demand due to the social media Greece has been getting. Thus, We’ve put together the list of the top Santorini proposal spots! Aion the most seen after proposal spot and wedding venue in Santorini. The spectacular views and the magical sunsets at the heart of the island are a couple of reasons why this place it unique. Other than that, Aion Santorini proposal spot is a place to clear your mind and focus on what’s important, You!

Santorini Venue or Aion Santorini Wedding Venue of all Santorini proposal spots is the ideal place for your big day! In other words, Value for money is top! Check out the packages on this venue at their website or just click here.

The price range starts at around 200 euros, Which makes this proposal spot the most affordable! Lastly, Aion Santorini Wedding Venue is the only venue that we can reach by boat!

St. Nicholas Chapel


St. Nicholas Chapel is located in Fira, It’s the most private of all Santorini proposal spots. That’s because of the location, This wedding venue is part of a residential private area with trees around and vineyards. Due to the greenery and views of the sea on the east side, St. Nicholas Proposal spot is ideal for private dinners.

St. Irene Chapel


St. Irene Chapel is a hand-build hotel and private venue Santorini proposal spot. It’s built by the owner Mr. Minas over the many years he has work on it and contains a lot of history and tradition! St. Irene Chapel is the biggest of all Santorini proposal spots as it allows for pictures around a big area around the venu. This proposal spot is also very affordable and offers great amenities.

El Viento


El Viento is the second newest Santorini wedding venue after Aion, Located in Megalochori nearby the heart of Santorini. It’s romantic and quiet Santorini proposal spot with great views of the caldera, sunset and volcano we all love so much. At Last, a traditional wedding venue, The wind mill that got reconstructed and offers beautiful memories!

Suites of the Gods


Suites of the gods offers a wedding or proposal spot at the premises of the hotel, This hotel is a nice location to stay at. As it has a big pool with the views one can only dream of and a spa area worth visiting even if you’re staying somewhere else. At this location a private dinner or a wedding ceremony can be arranged for small and big groups.

Prophet Elias


Prophet Elias is the most popular public Santorini Proposal Spot. It’s a public area but hard to find, Which means no interruptions. At Prophet elias Santorini Proposal Spots we can set up a private dinner with candles, horse back rides and a lot more which we will be happy to discuss.

Venetsanos Winery


The Winery of Venetsanos has left a mark on Santorini’s history, It can even be called monumental! The traditional colors and shapes of it give a different feeling, The authentic Santorini proposal spots you’ve seen and see. The views  and the greenery around it are the reason this is very easily the most beautiful venue of Santorini.

Why Rent Santorini Proposal Spots?

A world of creative opportunities opens up! We'll guide you to the ideal Santorini proposal spots that will fit your needs.

Exclusive Seasonal offers

We offer amazing Santorini Proposal Packages when it comes to hiring any of the Santorini proposal spots. One of them is the music surround systems and table to have your dinner or drinks post engagement.

Yearly Proposal Packages

Early in the year, You might find very good offers on Santorini proposal spots that won’t be able to get during the season. That’s because of availability reasons and and expired seasonal discounts.

Add on Services

You will be able to add on services that you like. For example a musician, Musicians need space and electricity for their equipment. Another one can be a private dinner setting with no interruptions!

A Relaxing Evening

By hiring one of the Santorini proposal spots, You guarantee a peace of mind and a relaxing atmosphere. In contrast to a public restaurant with noise and other people being around the area.

Santorini Proposal Spots

The best Santorini Proposal spots & Wedding Venues for your big day!

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