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− The Santorini Wedding Venue −


Santorini Proposals

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Santorini Wedding Venue Aion is the newest and most requested proposal spot of Santorini. Firstly, It’s located in the heart of Santorini Fira, Where you can see the famous sunsets romantic views. Secondly, Among other Santorini Proposal Spots, this place offers the most! For Instance, Private restroom and bridal room is available for the couples! Thirdly, Decorations are available and included in the price!

This Santorini Proposal Spot offers different packages so you can choose the one you like most! Hence the following of this page.

Most Importantly, We have a priority on dates and bookings with this Santorini proposal venue and we’ll always find availability for you at this place!

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About Aion Santorini Wedding Venue

− The Santorini Proposal −

The industry of Santorini Proposals have to continuously evolve, get more creative and most of all be ahead of the competition! Our team in partnership with Aion Santorini Proposal Spot work hard to give you the latest updates and ideas!

Santorini Wedding Venue Packages

Aion Proposal Spot

Ormos Package

Venue Hire Options – €300
•  1 Hour Rental fees for the terrace/venue
•  Arch with White Curtains
•  Table with White Cloth
•  Restroom available
•  Music System
•  Staff available
• Private Room
• Champagne Glasses

Aion Package

Venue Hire Options – €600
•  2 Hour Rental fees
•  Arch with White Curtains
•  Table with White Cloth
•  Restroom available
•  Music System
•  Staff available
• Private Room
• Champagne Glasses
• Wine Tasting for up to 10 people
•  10 Chairs with White Cloth

Obsidian Package

Venue & Accomodation Package – €800
•  2 Hour Rental fees
•  Arch with White Curtains
•  Table with White Cloth
•  Restroom available
•  Music System
•  Staff available
•  Private Room
•  Champagne Glasses
•  Wine Tasting for up to 10 people
•  10 Chairs with White Cloth
• (1) Romantic Night for the couple at Obsidian Suite in Fira 
Imagine being on top of the world with the one person you love most in the whole entire universe. This is the place for you! Aion Santorini Wedding Venue offers everything and much more.

The Santorini Wedding Venue Aion is the most unique Santorini proposal spot on the island. In Addition to architectural miracles this venue is the epitome of romantic atmosphere and service.

The Name Aion means “Century” in Greek, Symbolizing the eternity you will be together with your life partner. In conclusion, This Private Proposal Spot in Santorini offers all you’ll need for your special day.

Lastly, If you wish to have a look at more more than this Santorini Wedding Venues check out the button below!

Santorini Proposal Spots

− The Santorini Wedding Venue −


Traditional Architectural Details
Big Terrace on top for more than 40 guests sit and huge area on the ground level for 100+ guests reception.


Music system available on all levels/floors
Since Aion Santorini Wedding Venue is a big place we have music system which can play on all the floors. Easy access via USB, Phone and blue tooth!


Boats – Cable Car – Donkeys – By Foot
Due to the unique location of this Santorini Wedding Venue for groups of 2-10 people we recommend taking the cable car or donkeys. For bigger groups let’s say, 30-100 people we can hire private boats to bring you directly in front of the venue.


Santorini Catering & Greek Cuisine
There are plenty of choices which you can pick from for your private dinner proposal in Santorini. Greek Cuisine is known for the tasteful flavors and the awarded techniques which our partners use to make your meals dreamy!

Services We Recommend!


You can book big or small fountain fireworks for your Santorini proposal to celebrate with the whole worlds the good news!


The Santorini Proposal Photographer is important for your proposal because he/she will capture your magical moments and make them last for ever!


Flowers are the number 1 service you need to make your Santorini Proposal 10 times more beautiful! Decorate the venue with flowers and see your partner speechless!


Light is everything, it’s worth the extra step to hire the beautiful vintage bulbs to decorate the arch and Santorini Proposal Spot!

Available at the Venue


Wooden Arch –

The Wooden arch is a beautiful touch to your special day, You can decorate it with flowers and more. In front or under the Arch you can propose and get married!



A high quality sound system is available at aion Santorini wedding venue for your Santorini proposal. As you walk up the stairs to get to the terrace you’ll be hearing your special song. In addition through out your magical evening there will be music playing in the background.

Extra Charge

Welcome Drinks & Drinking Packages

Drinking packages are available from the venue solely. Welcome Drinks for your guests and champagne for the cheers to celebrate your engagement in Santorini! Upon request we can organize a wine tasting of Local wines to give taste to your romantic afternoon.

Extra Charge


This Santorini Proposal Spot offers a private waiter and menus with rich Greek Cuisine Flavors! It is a all-in-one private venue and that’s why we love it so much!

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If you're ready for the experience of your lifetime feel free to contact us to book this unique venue for your big day in Santorini.

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