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− St. Irene Chapel Santorini −


Santorini Proposals

Santorini Proposal Planner

St. Irene Chapel Santorini was built by the hand of the owner of the property, Traditional and lovely! Hence, The white colors all over the area and the cycladic details all over the place. In Addition, It’s a family business of very hospitable people who love to take care of their guests. After All, Greeks are knows for their hospitality. Secondly, St. Irene Chapel is located on the cliffs of Santorini.

After all, The views of the sunset on the cliffs is one of the many reasons we love Santorini so much.

Thirdly, This proposal spot has a lot of space which we can use with our Santorini Proposal Photographer.

Lastly, accessibility is very easy and can hold up to 100 people if needed for a Santorini Proposal or private dinner.

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Santorini Proposal Photographer

Santorini Photography

St. Irene Chapel

− Santorini Proposals −

The Proposal spot of St. Irene Chapel in Santorini is ideal for private dinner events and more. For example, We can add fireworks here contrary to other venues and live musicians. It’s a Santorini Proposal Spot that allows almost everything!

St. Irene Santorini Proposal Spot

St. Irene Chapel Santorini

The Proposal Photographer

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The Santorini Proposal Photographer is the one we trust to capture beautiful and ever lasting pictures of your special day. Also, we train and work with our photographers to deliver up to our standards.

The Santorini Videographer we are grateful to be by our side has exceeded our expectations by far. Thus, We sit back and enjoy the art in the making!

You can see a lot about the photographer and videographer at the link below.

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− The Santorini Proposal Spot −


This Santorini Proposal Spot has a large outside area which can host up to 100 people.
There are levels and different elevations as it’s built on the cliffs and we can go around pictures for about one hour.


Fairly accessible, This venue has a few stairs to walk down until the private terrace.
It’s accessible by any means of land transportation.

Santorini Proposals

We will set up everything for you and you will arrive for the surprise along with your partner.
One hour before your arrival we will set up everything for you.

More About Planning

Parking is available around the area for limited vehicles.
We take care of your transportation so you don’t have worry about parking spots!

Services We Recommend!

Santorini Flowers

Our partners Santorini Wedding Flowers deliver the most creative and amazing flower ideas for our events. It’s worth ordering some beautiful designs for your big day.

Vintage Romantic Bulbs

Romance & Warm Santorinian Atmosphere is achieved by the sunset. With the vintage bulbs, we keep the romantic atmosphere even after the sun has set throughout the night!


The team of Fireworks Santorini are our partners for the past few years. and have always succeeded in bringing happiness to our events!

Love Wooden Bulb Letters

Decorations can never be enough! There is always a beautiful small, or big detail in this case you can add-on. The Wooden Love Bulb Letters look spectacular and we really recommend them!

Inclusions of the Venue


Gazebo & White Curtains

The Gazebo and White curtains to decorate it are included in the price. You can have your Santorini Proposal and/or private dinner under the gazebo.



A nice music system is included at the venue. We can play your special song as you enter and continue with music the rest of the evening.

Extra Charge


As more Santorini Proposal Spots this place doesn’t have their own kitchen and chef. For your private dinner we’ll hire a catering company.

Extra Charge


Flowers are brought by our partners who are able to give us great deals for you. Lastly, It’s important to have flowers so as to decorate your special evening.

− Book the Date −

It's very important to book the date you want as soon as possible. Venues like this are very popular and in high demand. From experience it's best if we book the venue any time you're ready so we guarantee the availability.

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