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− Suites of the Gods Santorini −


Santorini Proposals

Santorini Proposal Planner

Santorini Proposals at Suites of the gods can be as unique as it gets! For Example, You can choose to book the minimum, Which is the private area for your proposal and much more. For Instance, The Hotel of Suites of the Gods offers a cave spa which you can book right before your supposed “Private Dinner”. In Addition, They have a cuisine which means that you don’t have to hire a catering company!

In cooperation with Suites of the gods, We are able to set up anything you might request! That’s because the place is very accessible and has a lot of facilities that allow us to get creative. Secondly, The views of Suites of the gods Santorini are amazing like you’d expect! Caldera sunsets and Volcanic scenery.

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Santorini Proposal Photographer

Santorini Photography

The Spa Santorini Proposal

− Spa of the Gods Santorini Proposals−

Spa of the Gods is located on the Caldera, The place with the beautiful views on the cliffs of Santorini. At the spa they practice modern techniques for your relaxation and offer an atmosphere worth visiting. Ideal to book right before your Santorini Proposal to relax and enjoy the moment!

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Santorini Proposal Photographer

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The Santorini Proposal Photographer is as important as the Santorini Proposal Planner.

At Santorini Proposals, We put together a team that will provide all you need for your Santorini Proposal! The planner is your best friend when it comes to coordinating and arranging your special day.

It’s our passion to make everything perfect for your and your partner and to see the happiness we can bring to people with our hard work.

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Santorini Proposal Planning

− Suites of the Gods Information −

The Proposal Spot

There are actually a couple places you can book for your Santorini Proposal at Suites of the gods.


Since Suites of the Gods is a hotel –

You can book your stay there and not get bothered with transportation around the island.

Getting There

Generally, We’ll take you to your Santorini Proposal Spot –

You can check out more about Luxury Transportation at the button below.


Provided by their Kitchen.
You can choose to eat A La Carte or pre-order meals for special requests from their chef.

Services We Suggest!


Santorini Wedding Flowers is the perfect and number one service we suggest to make your Santorini Proposal memorable.


The hand made Wooden Love Letters are very romantic and are really that extra touch! We can also Provide a “MARRY ME” of same style.


You will enjoy the show of fireworks during your private dinner and they will also look amazing at the pictures!


The Videographer is a must have add-on service for your Santorini Proposal he will capture your every emotion and allow you to relive the moment.

Inclusions of Venue



We can set up your candles, flowers and private dinner table under the gazebo for your Santorini Proposal!



For a couple’s private dinner, Suites of the gods provided the tables and chairs, Where as in other places it costs extra.

Extra Charge


The Dinner can be ordered from the hotel, But it’s not included in the price of rental fee for the terrace.

Extra Charge


The spa can be provided from the hotel, But of course we’d have to make a reservation for you and the cost depends on the package of spa you’ll choose.

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We're happy to answer all your questions regarding your Santorini Proposal and your Vacation to Santorini in General. Feel free to contact us via our Contact Page or Form and start planning your Santorini Proposal!

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