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Santorini Proposals FAQ

Top 10 Santorini Proposals FAQ's

What's the difference between a Santorini proposals photographer and an ordinary photographer?

A Santorini Proposals Photographer is a photographer who specializes in such events and is experienced in similar situations. Santorini Proposals are delicate subjects that require experienced professionals to organize and execute them. Here at Santorini Proposal we have put together the best team to ensure your special day is going to be relived every time you look at your pictures!

How many Santorini Proposals have you organized?

Santorini Proposal is a part of a Wedding Planning family based in Greece for more than 20 years now. Our family has been planning weddings and proposals in Santorini before the big internet platforms. Thus we haven’t got the chance to count the events planned by us, But they are surely too many by now!

Do you plan Weddings or only Santorini Proposals?

We plan both Santorini Weddings and Santorini Proposals! In General for any type of event we’ll be by your side. When it comes to weddings, It can be tricky planning anything on your own as the rules change from country to country. Even for a Santorini Proposal there are going to be rules and law you need to know and without guidance you might find issues along the way that you don’t have to, That’s where we come in!

Do you take care of everything regarding Santorini Proposals?

Yes, We’ll guide you from the first step till the moment you propose here in Santorini.  Basically the idea is that we take all the weight off your shoulders and arrange everything for you! At the end of the day you are here on vacation and to have fun!

Are your Santorini Proposal Packages the best prices?

Yes, We’ve composed packages for Santorini proposals that include a discount so they can be affordable for as many couples as possible. The goal is to give the chance to as many people to propose in Santorini with affordable and budget friendly prices!

Do you provide any special offers for Santorini Proposals?

Yes we do! Every year for early bookings we set new special offers and discount packages. Even for last minute bookings after the package has passed a certain amount we will provide you with a special offer for your Santorini Proposal.

What is the best Santorini Proposal spot?

The most popular Santorini Proposal Spot is Santorini Wedding Venue Aion located at the heart of Santorini with magical views of the sunset and volcano. This venue is also affordable and offers a lot of perks included. You can find out more Aion Venue here!

What is the best Value for money Santorini Proposal Package?

Value for money, The best Santorini Proposals package is the Yacht Package. Due to the rise of prices on services, private venues and catering in the past years. The private yacht package is an all inclusive 5 hours private cruise around Santorini with meals and much more included. For a private dinner package the cost goes beyond the expected usual budget and it lasts for 2-3 hours.

When and how do we receive the pictures of our Santorini Proposal?

The latest we deliver your proposal pictures is a week! Because you might have already left from Santorini by then, We will send you a link to download them. Upon request we can provide a picture or two the next day so you can share the news to your friends and loved ones!

How can we communicate regarding Santorini Proposals?

You can contact us via our Contact Page, Via email at and Call or WhatsApp. It’s preferable to keep all conversations via email so there won’t be any lost information of your Santorini Proposal along the way!

Will you be at my Santorini Proposal?

Yes of course, A Representative from our agency will attend all Santorini Proposals. In order to coordinate and set up your event there will be from one to five people from our team working on it!

Are Santorini Proposal Planners expensive?

No! Santorini proposal planners are your friends, We are here to make sure everything goes to plan. But most importantly to give you the best deals and make sure your wishes come to life!

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